Whether you are beginning to plan your eventual exit from the business or are just seeking greater operational efficiencies, the OCQ provides a valuable overview of the areas and functions most dependent on you. You can use it as a starting point for prioritizing delegation responsibilities, identifying areas where management may be under performing, or in planning your next key hire.

The ExitMap® Owner Centricity Quiz©

This tool will analyze the dependence of your company on your involvement in operational duties and functions. It is designed to compare your owner centricity with that of other companies in your industry which generate approximately the same amount of revenue and employ the same number of people. We purposely do not include typical CEO functions in the list of operational responsibilities. We assume that you are taking care of the vision and strategy for your company. Please note that all fields are required.

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Advisor Information:

       Please indicate your level of responsibility for the following Duties/Functions:
       (a) Principal: In this area of the business, you initiate actions and make decisions largely by yourself.
       (b) Approval: Decisions are usually made by others, but must be approved by you before implementation.
       (c) Delegated: Decisions are made and implemented by others, results are reported to you.
       (d) N/A: You don't have this function in your business.
       You may select only one level per line item.


  Day-to-Day Departmental Supervision


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